What We Believe


We believe life is meant to be enjoyed and lived in a balanced way, and that a cup of tea can be good for the body as well as nourish the soul.


We believe in pure teas, and pure foods, and we work hard to ensure that we harvest the highest quality and purest ingredients available. 


We believe that by blending the most powerful and delicious herbs and teas we can help people achieve their goals for living a healthy, vibrant, and harmonious life.


We believe in creating a product with as little negative impact on the environment as possible.  That is why we use loose leaf teas with no bags, no strings and minimal packaging.


We believe in making products that we are proud to serve to our family, friends, and community. We constantly strive to share health, wellness, and happiness, and invite you to pass it forward, and share a cup of tea with someone you love.


We believe in listening to our customers, so please drop us a note anytime to ask a question, make a suggestion, or just to say hi.




Lorena Parada and the Afterglow Family